The 5 Best Live Radio Station Apps for Android

Today, radio is not so much the tangible broadcast receiver of yesteryear as it is a constant companion as we move through our daily activities. It is mobile – available to us wherever we happen to be.

Smartphones all come with radio apps that receive our local radio stations, and there are dozens of streaming apps capable of bringing us live radio stations from all over the world. Radio has become genuinely accessible regardless of your home country and the country you are in. You can regularly be on top of things all the time.


iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

Thousands of live radio stations plus all your favorite music

Totally free and easy to use, iHeart Radio brings you live radio, podcasts, playlists for every mood, and unlimited streaming music – all at just a tap or two on the informative user interface. One of five buttons located at the bottom of the screen provide:

  • Your choice in talk, music, news or sports radio from your local AM and FM stations and from those around the globe.
  • Ready-made playlists for every mood, genre, time period.
  • Podcasts, with new episode alerts.
  • Your favorite artists on your own customized music stations.
  • Your favorite songs in a My Favorites Radio, your own free personalized station.

iHeartRadio offers upgrades to let you create any number of playlists, save any song and replay it, skip anytime you like and listen offline.



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Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM

Simply listen to any of more than 45,000 live radio stations

Steema’s Simple Radio is a straightforward app enabling you to listen to both FM and AM stations and to online stations. Upon launch, the very simple interface provides a list of all your local popular radio stations and two tabs – ‘Favorites‘ where you save and access your favorites, and ‘Recommended‘ where you discover new ones.

This simplified approach to listening to live radio provides fast tuning and smooth operation via an immediately comprehensive interface, one-tap access to your favorite stations and no buffering – just uninterrupted reliability. Free Simple Radio provides quality that is continually being improved upon.



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Radio FM

Tune to any live radio station in just seconds

Choose from radio stations worldwide on Radio FM, Radio for Mobile, very quickly and easily. Whether adding to your list of preferred stations or switching between stations, operating this app is both fast and effortless.

Choose from just about every music genre from classical to hip-hop, instrumental to rock, or set up your preferred talk, news or sports stations and use the wide range of settings provided to customize your list of favorites.

Radio FM is bursting with features, and they’re all free.

  • Easy to use interface – Country, Genre, Favorites and Recent tabs, and a search bar.
  • Automatic tune-in option upon opening
  • Clear, modern listing design with radio station logos, country flags, etc.
  • Full-screen display on currently playing station details
  • Shortcut and notification for stop/start on your mobile home screen
  • Sleep timer and alarm clock

Free live radio stations from countries all around the world are continually being added to the Radio FM platform. Select from European, British, Asian, and Pacific stations and those throughout the North and South American continent.



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Radio Online

A traditional radio app streaming from internet sites and FM stations

Simplicity is key to your free access to live radio stations from thousands of countries. If you’re looking for basic, uncomplicated listening, Radio Online is the app for you.

The app opens displaying a list of top stations in your own country, icons to quickly view the countries and genres, and a bar displaying the progress of the currently playing station. You can browse through the countries and genres and add stations to your favorites list by tapping the start button. This is a straightforward app that is growing in popularity.



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World Radio FM – All radio stations

Popular live radio and your favorite music for free

Listen to radio from around the world with World Radio FM. From All Radio FM, this very simple, easy to operate application gives you access to the best radio stations in the world.

Flag icons and radio station logos make for very uncomplicated navigation and, keeping things simple, pop up panels provide access to menu functions. This offers fast worldwide access for new radio app users interested in exploring live radio stations in a variety of languages.



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