What's New in version 56.0.3051.43:

  • DNA-72189 No hover on bookmarks bar folders
  • DNA-72226 [Mac] Blurry zoom indicator with disable-gpu switch

What's New in version 55.0.2994.44:

  • DNA-70673 Non active tab become highlighted when closing other one
  • DNA-70768 'X' in last tab disappears on hover
  • DNA-70915 [Win] [Settings] Some options are displayed too thin
  • DNA-71038 [Linux] Sidebar panel not closed after clicking on page or icon
  • DNA-71102 [Win] After creating some new tabs on Speed Dial and then switching to them, Speed Dial is empty (only Google search is visible).
  • DNA-71235 Settings – Block ads – Exceptions – 'Search for a site' missing
  • DNA-71263 'Pressing Tab on a webpage highlights all links, as well as form fields' missing in new settings
  • DNA-71288 Change scroll to dark in dark mode
  • DNA-71614 [linux] Black border around sidebar windows
  • DNA-71672 Spellcheck context menu doesn’t list all languages.
  • DNA-71681 Make settings-menu narrower
  • DNA-71832 [Mac] Enable search box in the address bar option should not be visable
  • DNA-71837 Make search box non-floating
  • DNA-71867 Synchronise new spell checking list with old Opera settings
  • DNA-71880 [Windows] Missing options in user interface section

What's New in version 54.0.2952.71:

  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap
  • DNA-71386 Exclude 'old suggestions' from post-migration clean-up

What's New in version 55.0.2994.29 Beta:

  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed(
  • DNA-70958 O55 translations (12.07.2018
  • DNA-71083 [Settings] Add categories on Settings page
  • DNA-71213 'Rate me' and 'Opera help' link are missing in new settings
  • DNA-71219 Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery
  • DNA-71241 Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization

What's New in version 54.0.2952.64:

  • DNA-69969 [Demuxer] renderer crash at _delayLoadHelper2
  • DNA-70857 [Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable
  • DNA-71080 error message in about page after update check time out
  • DNA-71098 Update tests related to instant search hint
  • DNA-71101 Remove Instant Search hints
  • DNA-71112 Disable SD blacklist protection in O54

What's New in version 54.0.2952.60:

  • DNA-70026 WelcomePage tests need an update
  • DNA-70812 Crash at opera::content_filter::BlacklistManager::UpdateBlacklistHitStat(unsigned char)
  • DNA-70814 Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times
  • DNA-70923 Randomize questions order in NetInstaller survey
  • DNA-70967 The 'Other' option should be last in Quality section

What's New in version 54.0.2952.41

  • DNA-70397 [Old Settings] Empty CVS file is created when exporting saved passwords
  • DNA-70642 Promote O54 to stable
  • DNA-70397 [Old Settings] Empty CVS file is created when exporting saved passwords
  • DNA-70642 Promote O54 to stable

What's New in version 53.0.2907.106:

  • DNA-69112 SDs can be doubled
  • DNA-69281 SDs images are not refreshed
  • DNA-70189 Snapshot captures only currently visible area when scrolling

What's New in version 55.0.2976.0 Dev:

  • CHR-6825 Update chromium on master to 68.0.3423.2
  • DNA-64026 Lots of error log messages when using VTVideoDecoder
  • DNA-66288 Window bar looks collide with tab strip
  • DNA-66309 [Linux]Floating sidebar panels are separate windows
  • DNA-66860 Search popup configuration
  • DNA-66925 close tabs keyboard shortcut does not work correctly with multiple tab selection
  • DNA-67211 [Mac] Bookmarks in menu appear twice
  • DNA-67650 Settings page is opened at the ‘Display’ section
  • DNA-67854 [Settings] Custom lists need to have more precise instruction
  • DNA-68239 Update our HSTS overrides
  • DNA-68896 Remove desktop/browser/infopage
  • DNA-68904 Convert usages in desktop/common/suggestions
  • DNA-68905 Convert usages in desktop/common/themes
  • DNA-68907 Convert usages in desktop/common/utility
  • DNA-69029 [Settings] Sync next to passphrase link disabled
  • DNA-69281 SDs images are not refreshed
  • DNA-69564 Google search box on SD page is corrupted after factory reset & changing search engine
  • DNA-69687 [Settings] Add space between currency button and dropdown
  • DNA-69729 [Settings] Autofill form has less fields than in old settings
  • DNA-69737 [CN] Crash at base::ThreadLocalStorage::Slot::Get()
  • DNA-69755 [Speedy] Update GN to handle speedy nicely.
  • DNA-69764 Enable #chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy flag on beta/stable
  • DNA-69799 New settings – Manage passwords – “?” sign too close to search field
  • DNA-69832 Replace usage of chrome.send with chrome.developerPrivate
  • DNA-69838 Moving BrowserWindowType from BrowserWindow to Browser
  • DNA-69849 Add accessibility attributes to wallpaper gallery
  • DNA-69851 ActiveURLObserver asserts
  • DNA-69852 Make Speed Dial colours consistent
  • DNA-69853 Add missing translations
  • DNA-69886 Usernames of saved passwords are almost invisible in dark theme
  • DNA-69888 Dialogs in Saved Passwords section look badly for dark theme
  • DNA-69890 Enable the flag on beta/stable
  • DNA-69892 Wrong label for Open the start page
  • DNA-69899 [Windows] signtool fails on repackaging
  • DNA-69907 [Settings] “Manage sidebar” leads to old link
  • DNA-69915 Opera debug crashes on new settings page
  • DNA-69918 [Settings] Implement dark dialogs for dark theme
  • DNA-69922 [Settings] Autofill options – titles should be aligned with buttons
  • DNA-69923 Erratic reads optimization must not be applied on Windows
  • DNA-69927 [Speedy] Configure speedy after output dir has been created
  • DNA-69935 [Mac] No dedicated GPU option in settings
  • DNA-69936 [Speedy] Handle the EOL mismatch issue
  • DNA-69939 [Settings] Autofill country data not saved
  • DNA-69940 Windows nightly builds fail to compile
  • DNA-69951 Remove Freedom secret-hiding hacks from //net WP2
  • DNA-69952 [Mac] Unable to turn on full screen when IS dialog is displayed
  • DNA-69961 VR settings missing in new settings
  • DNA-69962 [Mac] Overlay not following when window is enlarged
  • DNA-69969 [Demuxer] renderer crash at _delayLoadHelper2
  • DNA-69976 [Settings] Lack of proxy warning with VPN enabled
  • DNA-69977 [Settings] Lack of WebRTC settings
  • DNA-69979 Sidebar messenger cycler crashes Opera
  • DNA-69988 [Win] Installer error on uninstallation – Elevated process did not write new installation status
  • DNA-69990 [Windows] Wrong label for Choose file in import section
  • DNA-69991 Provide translations for News 2
  • DNA-69994 opera:themes forwarded to wrong url
  • DNA-70000 Privacy Policy statement is visible at Opera Installer.
  • DNA-70005 [Settigns] Align arrows
  • DNA-70006 Reset site settings dialog relates to Chrome.
  • DNA-70011 [Settings] Improve Opera Turbo warning
  • DNA-70021 Opera Ad Blocker blocking search ads sendBeacon requests
  • DNA-70025 [Speedy] Investigate possibilities of fixing debug info
  • DNA-70027 [Settings] Replace Remove icons
  • DNA-70050 [Settings] Change font’s weight
  • DNA-70051 [Settings] Align margins on subpages
  • DNA-70052 [Mac] OmniBoxView.xib included in our project is not used
  • DNA-70055 Fix styling of opera-confirm-dialog
  • DNA-70058 [Settings] Replace Chrome icons with ours on site settings
  • DNA-70062 [Linux] Package has dependency incompatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • DNA-70084 Uncaught error when closing reset profile dialog
  • DNA-70087 Obtain image buffers via ImageBufferReadyCallback
  • DNA-70096 Opera as not supported browser on
  • DNA-70099 [Mac] Make Narrow Sidebar default option for new users
  • DNA-70103 Remove empty space on Start Page when search box disabled
  • DNA-70114 Fix browserjs for

What's New in version 53.0.2907.37:

Optimization of a tab's display:

  • Mac users find it difficult to locate and manage a particular tab when many of them are open. We figured out a way to optimize this and made your plentiful tabs' favicons more visible.
  • To make it even more visible and easier to manage, clicking on a tab will expand it.

Address bar colors:

  • There is also some fresh, sharpened coloring done to the address bar.

What's New in version 52.0.2871.99:

  • DNA-69355 IS box goes under overlay on Linux
  • DNA-69466 Onboarding hint cut off when sidebar is disabled
  • DNA-69472 [IS] No matching results in your open tabs – graphic issues vol3
  • DNA-69502 Crash at opera::InstantSearchAddressBarView::DidFinishNavigation(content::NavigationHandle*)
  • DNA-69511 Clicking on Flow icon doesn’t do anything if Flow is turned off in sidebar

What's New in version 54.0.2936.0 Dev:

  • DNA-69355 IS box goes under overlay on Linux
  • DNA-69395 [Sidebar] Sidebar turns gray with light theme in settings
  • DNA-69460 [Settings] Remove sync everything option from advanced sync settings
  • DNA-69466 Onboarding hint cut off when sidebar is disabled
  • DNA-69472 [IS] No matching results in your open tabs – graphic issues vol3

What's New in version 52.0.2871.64:

  • Today, we have prepared for you the first Opera 52 stable update for this month. We’ve fixed a crash on macOS related to VPN.
  • In this build you can also find an improved address bar dropdown. We’ve changed colors on Windows and macOS to make addresses more visible.
  • FULL CHANGELOG: DNA-67636 New addressbar colors for Win and Mac

What's New in version 54.0.2920.0 Dev:

  • DNA-66311 Make installations via addonsPrivate respect redirections
  • DNA-67437 Use crashpad as crash reporting component on Windows
  • DNA-67440 Allow longer values when using base::debug::SetCrashKeyString API
  • DNA-67492 Remove kFeatureCreativeContentSupport
  • DNA-67494 Reevaluate and possibly remove kFeatureCheckThermalSensorAvailablility
  • DNA-67914 New settings search stops working
  • DNA-67997 Add 'synchronization settings'
  • DNA-68502 Opera by default has an illegal keyboard shortcut defined
  • DNA-68565 [Mac] Use same strings for NI checkboxes as on Windows
  • DNA-68567 Search context should not be altered by page redirect
  • DNA-68727 Descriptions for personal news options are swapped
  • DNA-68736 Merging BookmarkAddDialog to BookmarkEditorView
  • DNA-68816 Make TLS 1.3 state configurable via opera:flags
  • DNA-68820 'browser.js' isn't copied to the resources dir for desktop_common_unittests
  • DNA-68831 Respect 'type' attribute of when choosing demuxer
  • DNA-68834 A lot of tests from desktop_common_unittests are disabled in run_at_buildbot
  • DNA-68866 Update the sedin/sent/failed animations for opera touc
  • DNA-68915 [Settings] Remove unnecessary dots from strings
  • DNA-68919 Make possible to enable token binding via opera:flags
  • DNA-68959 Crash at opera::oauth2::DiagnosticService::GetAllSnapshots()
  • DNA-68969 Ignore 'applications' and 'browser_style' keywords in extensions' manifest file

What's New in version 52.0.2871.40:

  • DNA-68529 Crash at Browser::GetActiveWebContents()
  • DNA-68592 Fix animation of moved tiles

What's New in version 52.0.2871.37:

  • DNA-68004 Mp4 videos doesn't work according to
  • DNA-68030 Use new design for 'Add a Site' tile
  • DNA-68499 German translation of Snapshot tool: 'Arrow' (tool tip) should be 'Pfeil' instead of 'Pfeiltaste'

What's New in version 52.0.2871.30:

Faster ad blocker:

  • Opera's built-in ad blocker was implemented over two years ago, and earlier this year it added security against cryptojacking with the NoCoin Cryptocurrency Mining Protection feature. From the outset of introducing the ad blocker, Opera has stayed committed to providing the fastest, safest and most interruption-free browsing experience. In today's update, Opera is focusing on the speed of the ad blocker.
  • Opera 52's ad blocker is now faster than its predecessor and outperformed the recently unveiled ad blocking contender from Google Chrome. Thanks to improved string matching algorithms, Opera's ad blocker mechanism got increased performance gains to assist in faster page loading.
  • To prove this, we pitted Opera 52 to a page loading speed test against Opera 51 and Chrome 64 with its ad blocker. The browsers were tasked with loading 15 popular news websites ten times each. The results of this benchmark test showed that Opera 52 performs 16 percent faster than Opera 51 and 44 percent than Chrome 64.

Select multiple tabs and copy page addresses:

  • Browsing with several tabs opened at one time is not uncommon for many users. Opera 52 enhances the way users can manage their tabs, including selecting and executing actions on multiple tabs, copying multiple page addresses at once and a new keyboard shortcut for closing tabs.
  • Users can select multiple tabs by holding down Ctrl while clicking on each desired tab (? + click for macOS users). Additionally, holding down Shift and clicking on a tab will select all other tabs to its right. We think this improvement to tab manipulation will prove to be very useful.
  • These new solutions permit users to reload, close, pin, mute or save to Speed Dial their selected tabs instead of performing the actions individually or on all tabs. When multiple tabs are selected, the context menu can be pulled up by right-clicking (or Ctrl-clicking on Mac). Moreover, rather than saving an entire browsing session as a Speed Dial folder, for example, web surfers can pluck out the tabs needed for later and save them to a new folder.
  • A new functionality in the tabs' context menu to note is Copy page address(es). After selecting one or multiple tabs, users can click this action to copy the web URLs of the sites to their clipboard for easy pasting later on. This is a great way to send family, friends or yourself a batch of important web pages.
  • Finally, tabs can be closed by holding Alt while clicking it. This was previously done by holding Shift while clicking on the tab.

New animations:

  • Error pages tend to raise our blood pressure. Who wouldn't be upset by a DNS error, right? We decided to make this experience a tad more pleasant by introducing some cool animations.

Full Changelog:

  • CHR-6699 Update chromium on master to 66.0.3355.4
  • DNA-67371 Flags page inconsistent with design
  • DNA-67374 [Mac] No relevant crash stats saved in crash_count.txt
  • DNA-68233 [Linux] Opera browser will not install on Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic
  • DNA-68442 Port 'avoid Windows kernel bug using Python hack' to desktop-stable-65-2871
  • DNA-68497 Change chanel name to Stable for desktop-stable-65-2871